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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 957: Death

Chapter 957: Death

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“Something seems off…” Soros raised his right hand as he stared into the aggrieved eyes of the incapacitated young wizard. Still, his sense of touch and various detection techniques confirmed that he was already dead.

However, even Soros had to admit that this wizard was extremely talented. He’d become a near-legendary at such a young age, possessing a powerful dragon bloodline. His battle might was already greater than that of some rank 20s.

“You were a genius… It’s a pity, mortals should never provoke god…” Soros seemed to lament in pity as he gently closed the eyes of the wizard.

At this moment, multiple figures from Port Venus had already discovered that something was amiss. They ran over, while some high-ranking priests chose to fly there directly.

“The Goddess of Wealth’s church huh…” Soros shook his head in disdain, but did not choose to engage. He disappeared without a trace.


Within the God of Murder’s church, the bishop looked at Soros with a pleased smile, “Well done, my child. Now, let us offer this sinner’s head to our revered god…”

*Buzz!* Cyric’s statue let out a loud rumble once it received the sacrifice, golden divine force rippling out into the air. The sculpture soon seemed to come to life, taking the shape of a man with a wicked face.

“Worshipper Soros, you’ve done well. You shall get the rewards you deserve!” The voice of his god’s incarnation was extremely deep and magnetic. Soros felt an immense amount of divine force descend on his head as it sounded.

“This…This is divine grace! And of the highest grade!” The bishop cried out hoarsely from the side. Seeing the traces of dark gold light falling on Soros’ head, he couldn’t maintain a neutral expression any more. The ancient scripture detailing the sacrificial rite fell to the ground.

“And divinity too?”

“Are you questioning our revered Lord’s decision?” Accepting copious amounts of divine force and divinity, Soros now looked like a golden statue. Lightning occasionally streaked within his eyes. The benefits he had observed this time was extremely huge. The God of Murder had actually raised him by a rank and even granted him divinity!

“No, I wouldn’t dare. Our god has chosen you, and you shall be his emissary on the continent!” A trace of fear arose in the bishop’s eyes, but his reply was still clear and distinct.

The foremost authority in any church was the god themselves. Directly under them would be the Bishop or Chosen, and from one standpoint Soros’ status was now equal to that of the the bishop. The difference between the two was merely the amount of divine grace they had!

“Haha…” Being able to look at his former superior squarely in the face, Soros laughed in a carefree manner, forgetting the uneasiness that he had felt despite finishing the mission.

He disappeared into the void without a trace, and a single vertical eye appeared.


30 years later, Soros slammed an old wizard into the ground as he laughed, “Haha, Madrid, you have never believed that you would land in my hands one day huh!”

“No…This is not possible. Why are you this strong? Your progression is too fast!” Madrid’s body was littered with injuries, and his voice was barely audible.

“This is all the grace of the god!” Soros grabbed the collar of this wizard, “Back then you were stronger than me in every way, and even managed to become a legendary and steal Vanessa’s heart. But now, you’re as weak as a dog…”

“Kill me… Kill me…” The helpless wizard mumbled.

“I won’t you off this easily! You’ll be repaid the suffering and anguish I felt all these years…” Soros carried the wizard away. The vertical eye appeared once more, forming a crack in the void to reveal crimson light…


200 year later, in the church of the God of Murder.

“Cough cough…” The lord bishop looked at the dagger lodged in his chest, and the high ranking officials across him. He turned his head around in disbelief, and saw the sinister look on Soros’ face.

“You…you actually…”

“Old fool, the cardinals and the honour guard have chosen to abandon and betray you. You’re past your time now!” Soros’ smile was even more malevolent than before.

“Our god… Will never forgive…” The bishop clenched these last words out of his teeth before his body combusted.

An immense conscient descended to the planet, “Soros!”

“My Lord, you are the emissary of death, the supreme amongst the stars…” Soros knelt onto the ground.

“You have successfully conspired to kill the previous bishop. Well done! I hereby appoint you the next bishop of my church!”

“I will dedicate my life to walking the path you’ve chosen. I shall throw the entire continent into chaos and conduct many massacres…” Soros affirmed, his eyes turning slightly bloodshot.

The vertical eye behind him was now more than half open, yet nobody could discover its presence.


Time trickled by, and the church of murder grew under Soros’ charge, spreading across the World of Gods. Soros himself had managed to ascent to godhood, becoming a lesser god under Cyric.

Several thousand years later, he grew increasingly dissatisfied with Cyric. He waged a holy war, managing to defeat and absorb his former master, becoming the Greater God of Murder, Massacre, and Death.

Soros continued these wars after, building a system of faith where he was the one and only deity. Finally, he usurped the Overgod’s throne. He now sat on the highest pedestal of the World of Gods’ divine hall, his gaze passing across the rivers of time and into eternity.

At this moment, the vertical eye behind him fully opened its eyes!

“Hmm? Who is it?” Soros felt an immediate threat to his life. It was a warning that came from the depths of his soul, a feeling that this attacker could consign him to eternal damnation.

“Why is there someone else in the highest of realms, is there something that can transcend the entire world?”The throne split into half as Soros turned around with a look of disbelief.

At this moment, the giant vertical eye was omnipotent, its gaze crystal clear, as if nothing in the world could escape its eyes. A trace of crimson mist appeared, gnawing at the corners of the World of Gods.

Soros felt his hair stand on end once he saw this vertical eye. It was like this eye had been observing his every moment in life.

“What are you? A devil?” This feeling of being pried on caused immense fury to arise in this sovereign.

“Hah!” Divine force gathered in Soros’ hands, turning into a purple lightning that could split the world in half. This lightning formed a spear that landed in his grasp.

The spear was thrown, and it tore the void apart as it moved, carrying the various blessings of the gods.

*Boom!* An attack which could annihilate gods struck the vertical eye, yet not a single sound was produced. It was as if a speck of dust had come into contact with a rock, dissipating just like that.

“How…is this possible? I am the sovereign! The world origin force is at my fingertips!” Soros staggered backwards, the fear in his heart growing stronger.

“I’ve seen the creation and annihilation of the world, the rise and fall of many tribes. Only the foolishness of mortals is eternal in the rivers of time!” The information struck Soros at the deepest part of his soul, and he understood the underlying meaning within.

“A mortal? How can I be a mortal…” Soros let out a hollow laughter, before his face contorted. He discovered that he had turned a mortal, mere flesh and blood. This feeling of falling from heaven caused him to suffer a mental breakdown.

However, the vertical eye did not give him any chances for a mental recovery. It opened up and gazed at Soros.

*Rumble!* The whole world was devoured by the red vertical pupil, and Soros was but a struggling speck of dust, screaming in anguish before finally disappearing into the pupil of the eye.


In the room of an inn, Soros’ sleeping head was sharply twisted to one side. He was dead.

Leylin rubbed his temples outside the inn, seemingly exhausted. “The power of this Dream Eater spell is really terrifying. To construct a complex world, even if it’s fake, is just too difficult for me right now…

“But it was all worth it…” Leylin’s face could not help but change at the pleasure of devouring Soros’ entire dream. This ability to devour dreams also allowed him to absorb the target’s memories, experiences, and even more. It caused him to feel full from the essence of his very soul, and Leylin knew that he had fulfilled all conditions to become legendary. He only needed to digest what he’d absorbed.

“If not for using Dreamscape Vision and entering Soros’ dream, I might not have had it this easy… It seems that the best way to use this Dream Eater skill is to first lure the enemy into a dream and combine with a spell. Distrait Dream could do it…”

Having acquired what he wanted, Leylin disappeared from the inn without a trace. The outer seas basically belonged to the Faulens right now, and although it wasn’t easy to conquer the entire territory, the pirate forces would pave the way for them to expand their territory.

Leylin had sorted the information to identify suspicious activity and targets. He would personally confirm it all with his eyes.

Soros had just been unlucky this time, like a beautiful butterfly having flown into an intricate spider web. Caught by Leylin’s Dreamscape Vision, all attempts to conceal himself were to no avail.

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