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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 574: Open

Chapter 574: Open

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“How about you? Who exactly are you? How could you progress to the tenth level of Fireplume?” Watching Bowens in front of him, Leylin was filled with curiosity.

“Take a guess,” Bowens sneered, “But know this. If I hadn’t come and hidden myself here in the Lava World for such a long time, Collins would definitely not be the strongest Morning Star in Jupiter’s Lightning!”

A vicious, berserk aura burst forth from Bowens’ body. Starlight twinkled behind him, forming a unique Morning Star domain.

Two orbs of golden flames appeared in his hands, emitting the powerful energy of Fireplume.

“Congratulations, you get to see this new spell I came up with after combining the path of a Magus with Fireplume. Fire Phoenix Slice!” Berserk energy from Fireplume was amplified by magic, resulting in a barrage of powerful blades of fire that sliced towards Leylin.

“Indeed, there are no fools among Magi. It’s only to be expected that someone would try to fuse the two different systems of power… What a pity, though…” Leylin shook his head, sympathy in his gaze, “A pity that you met me!”

Leylin’s knowledge of Fireplume far surpassed that of Bowens. On top of that, he was a Morning Star Warlock whose soul had been strengthened with firasource stones. His current might was incomparable to that in the past…

“Bloodline Shield!” Leylin snapped his fingers, and countless large crimson shields came into existence. The Kemoyin Serpent carvings on the shield looked vivid, lifelike, their eyes shooting out vicious glares.

*Clang! Clang!* The blades of fire slammed into the shields, and the result was a piercing noise that sounded like a torrential rain.

“You still don’t have enough of an understanding about the two paths… What a disappointment…” Leylin sighed, and a large phantom of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent appeared behind him. The two pupils were like giant stars; the ancient, ominous aura causing Bowens’ expression to warp,

*Rumble!* Two orbs of dark red fire emerged in Leylin’s hands, beating back the energy from Bowens’ Fireplume. Leylin darted in front of the man.

“No… How’s that possible?” The move that he was most proud of had been defeated so easily by his opponent, and it seemed to have no value at all. Bowens frowned.

“Nothing is impossible!” Leylin extended his right arm, the hand passing through the opponent’s defences and grabbing onto his throat. The A.I. Chip began a scan.

[Beep! Scanning opponent’s energy pathways. Discovered areas that can be optimised! Recording into database, adding into simulation fusion experiment!]

Details on Bowens’ point mass and the operation of his Fireplume appeared in Leylin’s mind, and the information gathered allowed the A.I. Chip’s simulations of fusing Fireplume into his path grew more complicated.

Though the progress was still stuck at the final bit, the originally dark red energy from Fireplume seemed to have undergone a secret transformation, advancing to form a higher power.

‘Fireplume energy with darkness elemental particles fused in can easily break through the defence of the tenth level of the original, even restraining the opponent. What’ll happen if I take this a step further?’ A look of anticipation flashed in Leylin’s eyes. His practice of Fireplume was undergoing a wondrous transformation. Even without advancing himself, he could use it to beat others at the tenth stage of the original, something that cause his expectations to increase.

“Here you are!” Shadow arms emerged, taking all of Bowens’ items from his spatial storage as well as Gaia’s Disc. When he caught sight of the black copper key, his eyes sparkled.

He had personally seen Loke use this thing to break through the final spell formation, and Bowens had kept it safely himself. It definitely had a special function.

“Let me go, Lord Zegna will offer a good ransom for me… Or we can even sign a contract! After my contract with Jupiter’s Lightning ends, I’ll side with the Ouroboros Clan!” Bowens had been trounced thoroughly, and had lost all methods to resist. He quietened down, the viciousness in his expression disappearing as he began to bargain calmly.

He did not want to die. As a Morning Star Magus, he believed he could still be of some value to Leylin, and began to look for ways to save himself rationally.

“That isn’t a bad deal… The loyalty of a Morning Star is worth letting you off…” Leylin stroked his chin. “What do you think?”

“It’d be more convenient to kill him. We don’t have the time to set up any powerful restriction formations on him, and he can probably destroy any regular contract.” Ice-cold bloodlust filled the room as Emma’s voice sounded out. Space distorted, and she appeared out of hiding along with Gilbert.

“So, all three of you are here!” Bowens resigned himself to his fate. He hadn’t even been able to win against Leylin alone, so what could he do when the three of them joined hands?

Hearing Emma’s unhesitating words, Bowens began to panic, “Wait! I have a crystal contract in my spatial belt! Even Breaking Dawn Monarchs won’t be able to subvert or break it. This way, you can be at ease about me. On top of that, I know a lot of inside information which will definitely be useful…”

Even though he knew Emma had likely said it to frighten him, he didn’t want to take the risk.

“Good! Tell us all that you know, and we’ll discuss how to deal with you!” Gilbert nodded while grinning.

Leylin agreed tacitly. He was now certain that Bowens was but a vile character. If one could defeat him thoroughly based on what he had been relying on, he would completely be crushed. Not only would his initial arrogance disappear, he would even betray Jupiter’s Lightning to survive.

“What do you plan to do? Are you going to kill me?” Seeing Leylin take care of the Star rank Bowens so easily, Schiker seemed defeated. He had not taken the chance to flee during the battle, instead just standing at the side.

Seeing Leylin’s gaze turning to him, he laughed wryly.

“I don’t like wanton killing,” Leylin shook his head. Red rays flashing in his eyes, and Schiker crumpled to the ground.

At this time, Bowens spoke from Leylin’s side like a follower, “Scarlet Eye’s bloodline is needed to break through this flame defence. Along with the tenth level of Fireplume, our leader acquired an Arcane Art that will allow Schiker to be sacrificed to simulate his aura.”

This was the very reason he had even dragged Schiker here.

Leylin shook his head in response to his suggestion. “We have our own methods to replicate Scarlet Eye’s aura from Schiker’s bloodline.” His nail scratched out a bloody line on Schiker’s neck, and fresh pearls of blood spurted out, floating in the air.

“Bloodline Trace!” Leylin’s eyes flashed and he began to chant a strange, bleak runic incantation.

With his incantations, Schiker’s fresh blood began to boil, even forming a phantom image of Scarlet Eye with red eyebrows and hair.

“My lord’s techniques are indeed superior, I am impressed. You can even do something as awesome mimicking Scarlet Eye’s Aura without using Schiker as a sacrifice!” Bowens took the opportunity immediately, trying to flatter him.

Leylin rolled his eyes on the inside, having no expectations towards the integrity of this Morning Star Magus.

“Tenth level of Fireplume!” Leylin’s hand filled with dark red flames, and he pressed it to the layer.

*Buzz!* The defensive layer began to tremble.

“Go!” With Leylin’s indication, the pearls of Schiker’s blood flew to the defensive membrane, a blood-red colour spreading across it.

The dark red flames on Leylin’s hands fused with this layer, and the defences gradually fell apart.

At this moment, something odd happened. Scarlet Eye’s enraged voice resounded in the basement.

“Despicable robbers, die!” Blood-red light converged in one spot, forming an image of Scarlet Eye.

“Crap, it’s a trap! There’s a full power attack from him hidden in the defences!” Leylin’s pupils shrank.


*SKREE!* The cries from the tremendous phoenix were unceasing as it fought against the towering giant and the black-robed Magus. The fight had taken them to the boundaries of the Lava World, black spatial rifts opening up all around them as they warred.

Just at that point, Scarlet Eye received some information. “Hm? Someone is breaking into my secret room! Schiker and Bowens! How useless!”

“Scarlet Eye, what’s going on? Is there trouble in your nest?” Zegna burst out into laughter, black lightning flashing in his hands.

The Divineflame Emperor, Archibald, roared as he heard the words, blocking Scarlet Eye’s retreat.

“You’re the ones who forced me!” The phoenix that Scarlet Eye had transformed into shouted with rage.

With his words, terrifying flames spread throughout the phoenix’s body, causing the flying beast to turn into a horrifying bird of flame. At the boundary of the world, space itself was set on fire, distorting under this power.

“Flaming Undead Aves!”

“This Arcane Art burns life force for power! He’s putting his life on the line!” Zegna and Archibald quickly retreated.

However, it was too late. How could Scarlet Eye let them off? The flaming bird spread its wings and terrifying flames swept through the area, swallowing Zegna and Archibald within…

*Boom!* The fierce firestorm wreaked havoc, even eliminating the spatial turbulence and leaving behind an exceptionally ugly black scar at the border of the world.

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