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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 211: To Return

Chapter 211: To Return

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In this situation, even though he was the leader of the defense squad, he had no other options but to flee.


A figure moved extremely quickly, with energy waves fluctuating about him.

The surrounding dark Magi had been stunned while he used a spell to launch himself away, and the leader took this opportunity to dash out of the circle, flickering every now and then.

At the very last second while he was attempting to escape, all he saw was his squad members being torn to pieces by colourful bursts of dark magic.

“Beta, Gogu… I’ll definitely avenge you!”

Gritting his teeth, a spell formation began to flicker, as if he was about to activate some spell.


Suddenly, black hands extended from the shadows and grabbed his ankle!

“Thinking of running?”

A mass of green fog rapidly drew close, and he could vaguely see a huge figure.

The large figure raised his right arm, grabbing towards the team leader’s head!

“Damn it! I don’t care anymore!” The leader’s face turned red, and a necklace around his neck exploded, sending out immense magic undulations that formed a Knight’s lance technique, which thrusted towards that huge figure!

*Tssss!* The dragon lance actually produced sound as it streaked across the sky, and even sparks were generated on it.


The dragon lance collided with the giant’s large hands.

Under the disbelieving eyes of this team leader, the spell that he had spent a huge sum on to protect his life was slowly torn apart in the grip of those large hands.

The large hands didn’t stop moving, and they grabbed ahold of the leader’s head!

“Ah!” He screamed, a translucent crystal helm appearing on his head.


The hands cracked the helm easily, and his skull was subsequently crushed, producing the ear-piercing sounds of breaking bones.

*Thud!* The now headless corpse fell to the ground, blood gushing out from its neck. Within ten seconds, the floor was dyed red.

“Have they been rescued?” The giant surrounded by fog asked.

“Reporting to my lord! They have all been rescued. Three official Magi, and thirteen acolytes! Not one more or less!” A dark Magus respectfully gave an account to the giant.

At the same time, beside the two other dead Toucan bodies, several Magi who had been captured by Leylin were rescued from their confinement.

“Listen up. I don’t care who you used to be, but based on the dark Magi’s rules and regulations, you are now our prisoners. Now, you have two options. One is to pay a ransom, and the other is to service us for thirty years for free! After thirty years, we will let you go…”

A dark Magus announced loudly in front of these prisoners.

Jocelyn and her uncle’s faces turned ashen. For dark Magi like them, rather than being saved by these people, it was much better to be sent to the light Magi!

After all, the light Magi were more trustworthy and easier to talk to.

The moment they fell into the hands of other dark Magi organisations, it became impossible to tell what their fates were going to be.

However, their shackles had not been undone, and while they had their magic and spiritual force, they were unable to activate and use it. They were akin to regular people and were unable to resist.

In front of the giant surrounded by green fog, a faint black gas condensed, forming a cloaked black figure.

“How is it? The numbers are right! What about my rewards?”

“Don’t worry, we won’t count you out!” The giant tossed a black pouch to him.

The figure caught it and looked at it closely before keeping it, looking satisfied.

“But what’s the point of catching them, and then offering us this information for us to save them? What are your plans?”

The giant asked.

The cloaked person pulled off his cloak, revealing a crimson, masked face. This was naturally Blood Rogue, Leylin’s disguise.

The organisation before him was the Thousand Meddling Hands, the dark Magi organisation that Leylin had joined not too long ago.

“It’s obviously so I’ll get two portions of rewards! One from the light Magi, and another from you!”

“After all, at the light Magi’s end, after these prisoners are handed over, it matters little to me whether they live or die. If they dare to dock my merit points because of this, I’ll inform the elders!”

Leylin grinned, pointing at the prisoners who were unwillingly signing contracts.

“There’s something you get out of this as well, isn’t there? I doubt you’ll let these Magi go so easily…”

“Haha…” The giant nodded in agreement, not looking the least bit sorry.

“Though we’re all dark Magi, they’re from small organisations or are wandering Magi. For us, they are unpredictable elements. No matter how many of them die, nobody really cares.”

“Also, I want 40% of the Black Mandara Flower petals from this batch! That is a part of the rules!” Leylin spoke up.

Capturing dark Magi and getting Giant to act the part of a good-hearted Samaritan and save them was just a part of the plan. Leylin’s main objective was still to gather resources!

After all, how could Leylin not be the least bit interested after seeing such a huge amount of resources slip by under his watch?

“Of course! These are the Thousand Meddling Hands’ rules! For those who provide information and news, they can obtain 40% of profit.”

Giant nodded, “Do you want the flowers or magic crystals?”

Without waiting for Leylin to state what he wanted, he continued, “If you want ingredients, you can just take two boxes of the Black Mandara Flower petals right now! If you want magic crystals, we’ll need to sell them first. I can’t guarantee the price, but it definitely won’t be lower than 80% of the market price. In addition, I’ll be taking 10% of your total profits!”

“Magic crystals! I’m in urgent need of magic crystals now, and I want payment in advance. If you can pay me right now, you can take 10%!”

Leylin thought about it for a while. Black Mandara Flowers were basically useless to him right now, and the spell marks on them were a little troublesome as well. The ancient teleportation spell formation that he had discovered previously required a large amount of magic crystal essence to activate.

Hence, he desperately needed magic crystals, and he needed a lot of them to be of high quality!

“Oh?” Giant looked Leylin up and down, seeming to be surprised. “It looks like you’re pretty hard up now. Don’t worry, I’ll pay you in advance!”

All the resources were here and Giant wasn’t at a disadvantage, so he appeared to be very generous.

Giant passed a thick stack of magic crystal cards over to Leylin.

“The amount is right!” Leylin counted and then told Giant. “I will be leaving this place in approximately four days, but there might be some resistance. Hence, I’ll need your help!”

“No problem!” Giant chuckled.

“I’ll command the nearby Hell Cliff Army to look like they are going to attack. The people we have in the light Magi alliance will also help you.”

Leylin nodded slightly.

Actually, right after finding out he had been assigned to an area that was thoroughly surrounded by dark Magi, Leylin had quickly contacted Giant.

With the influence of his connections with Giant, the opposing dark Magi slowed their attacks.

Hence, those Leylin dealt with were mainly wandering dark Magi and acolytes. At most, there were some small organisations, but the real large powers did not appear at all.

After all, with Leylin guarding this area for over half a month and multiple dark Magi suddenly disappearing, would it not have attracted the attention of the larger Dark Magi organizations?

“Yeah! With the merit points you accumulated here, you’re sure to be promoted to a better and higher ranking position. At that time, don’t forget our agreement.”

Giant waved, and numerous dark Magi placed all the materials on a huge ground lizard and rapidly left the place.

At the same time, the green fog around Giant became increasingly dense.

“I understand!” Leylin guaranteed.

Leylin was mentally prepared.

Since he had received benefits from the dark Magi, he naturally had to pay them back.

“You’ll always be a dark Magus! I hope you won’t forget that…” Giant’s voice became softer and softer, and the green fog dispersed, leaving behind Leylin, who was in deep thought.


“Magus Leylin, here is your order of transfer! Due to your exemplary performance in Zone 13, the alliance has given you a reward! You will be transferred to the alliance’s headquarters.”

A Magus in black uniform respectfully spoke to Leylin.

Though he was an official Magus, he did not dare put on airs.

This was no joke! Leylin was someone who could easily take care of a semi-converted elemental Magus! Would he dare offend such a person while he was just a newly advanced Magus?

“Sure! Wait a bit; we’ll go after I pack up.” Leylin smiled gently.

“Take your time! I’m not in a hurry!” The Magus quickly waved his arms.

Leylin nodded and called for Number 2 and Number 3, who had always stayed indoors and seldom went out, and had been hiding their power. They were to pack up the bedroom and convene the acolytes in the fortress to complete the last ceremony.

“I’m leaving!”

Before he left, Leylin turned around and gazed at the fort.

The surrounding Black Mandara Flowers had been completely harvested, leaving behind a bare field.

This was an area that was surrounded by dark Magi on three sides. If anything happened, this was the first place to be attacked.

“Now, I can only hope that the scroll and potions I left behind for George will be able to save his life!”

If he wanted to transfer George and Sheila out of this place, he would need to work from headquarters.

Leylin already had made his plans. If it was not troublesome, he would help out, especially since they were good friends. If he could do anything to help, he would!

However, he now had to return to the headquarters before he could do anything of that nature.

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