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Super God Gene (Web Novel) - Chapter 2329 - Extreme King Pavilion

Chapter 2329 Extreme King Pavilion

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In the morning, Han Sen finally received the Extreme King’s Pavilion Pass and left Night Charm Town. On his way out, he looked over at Cher like he wanted her so badly. Bai Ying Shuang wouldn’t let him near the woman now that their deal was complete, though.

The blood kirin had been sleeping, and nothing happened after it woke up. Han Sen didn’t know what they had done to the creature to make it sleep through the night.

Han Sen rode the blood kirin away from Night Charm Town, heading straight for the Extreme King’s Pavilion. He was in so much danger, and he felt as if he could be exposed at any second. He wanted to use Pavilion Pass as quickly as possible.

Considering Bai Yi’s well-known greed, everyone would expect him to use the pass immediately, anyway.

When he arrived at the Pavilion, Han Sen presented the pass so he could go right on in and select a treasure to take away with him. The blood kirin had to wait for him outside.

But when Han Sen entered the Pavilion, he frowned. The legends said that the place was full of treasures, but Han Sen didn’t see any treasures as he walked inside. There was just a bunch of statues.

The statues were wearing royal armor. Although they were just statues, the sight of them was still very impressive. Each statue must have represented one of the Extreme King’s former rulers.

Aside from those statues, there were no other treasures inside the building. Han Sen found a placard on the wall, and soon realized that the statues themselves were the treasures of the Extreme King’s Pavilion.

During a ruler’s coronation, a statue of the new ruler would be placed inside the Pavilion. The materials used to construct the statues weren’t very valuable, but before the statues were placed in the Pavilion, the kings left their geno arts inside them. If someone with a Pavilion Pass could understand the meaning of one of the geno arts, they would be able to activate the statue. The statue would move to reveal the treasure compartment at its base. Within that compartment would be an item left behind by the ruler.

“If these are items left behind by monarchs, then they must be quite special. But understanding the mind of a king cannot be an easy task to accomplish,” Han Sen thought as he looked at the statues.

Although each statue was unique, they all had a sense of power and mystique. As he looked closer, Han Sen could tell that the statues were all pulling on him in different ways. All of them possessed their own particular atmosphere.

There was seventy-nine of them. That meant at least seventy-nine kings had ruled the Extreme King during their history.

Some statues featured a rock in front of them, whereas others did not. If a statue didn’t have a stone, it meant that the treasure inside had already been taken.

Han Sen counted and realized there were only three of them left. Most of the treasures had already been taken, which meant that the ones left behind would be difficult to claim.

That made sense. The Extreme King had a long history, and there was an abundance of talented individuals among them. Understanding a statue wouldn’t be too difficult.

There were three that no one had managed to understand, though. That was quite odd.

Han Sen had a look at the three statues. Blocks of text were engraved on the back of each statue, chronicling the entire life of the king, feats and all.

The first of the statues that hadn’t been claimed was actually the first statue that Han Sen had seen upon entering. That meant the statue belonged to the Extreme King’s very first ruler, or maybe even their alpha.

The statue’s self-aggrandizement was quite ridiculous. It said that the king was loved by everyone. It spoke of how intelligent and powerful the man was, and how his hands could cripple the entire universe. It said he stabilized the universe for billions of years. Frankly, it just sounded ludicrous. It sounded as if the Extreme King had held the entire universe together.

But Han Sen knew that the Extreme King were once just a minor race. When their alpha was born, Sacred was the reigning superpower. Perhaps the Extreme King alpha had even owed service to the people of Sacred.

That was very likely, because when the Sacred leader spread his dominion over the universe, small races like the Extreme King would have found themselves under the thumb of the Sacred. In reality, most of them would have ended up as vassal races to the Sacred.

The strangest thing, though, was the physical appearance of the Extreme King’s alpha. His statue looked very different than those of the other kings.

The Extreme King looked similar to humans. The first king mostly resembled them, but part of his body was obviously different.

There was a mark on the alpha’s forehead that looked like the closed third eye of a Sky. The Extreme Kings didn’t have a third eye. They were just like humans; they had two eyes with normal pupils.

But then again, Han Sen couldn’t be certain what the marking was supposed to be. It wasn’t open, so he couldn’t be sure that it was actually a third eye.

There was another strange thing about the statue, as well. Every other king possessed a sword, knife, or a book. The alpha didn’t have a sword on his waist or a book in his hand, however; he was holding a gourd.

“This guy is interesting.” Han Sen focused on the alpha’s statue and used his Purple-Eye Butterfly to witness the process of the statue’s creation.

According to the statue’s description, the alpha left the statue in the Extreme King’s Pavilion. The alpha both started this tradition and wrote it down in the rules of the Extreme King, and every king after had performed this ritual. If the ritual wasn’t completed, then they wouldn’t be deemed a true king of the Extreme King.

Han Sen used his Purple-Eye Butterfly to look at the statue, but before he could analyze a single thing, he felt a burning pain sear into his eye.


Han Sen lowered his head and held his eye. Thin trails of blood leaked through his fingers.

“That is some strong power.” Han Sen clutched his eye, and it took a while for him to recover. He didn’t dare use the Purple-Eye Butterfly to examine the statue again. Although the Purple-Eye Butterfly was a deified beast soul, the alpha of the Extreme King must have been a very powerful individual. They would have been deified, too. Trying to steal a look into the statue that they left behind was clearly a no-go.

Luckily, Han Sen’s recovery power was strong. If it hadn’t been, his eye would have been destroyed.

Putting away the Purple-Eye Butterfly, Han Sen didn’t look at the Extreme King alpha’s statue again. Instead, he looked at the statue of another king.

That king was holding a book, with his spare hand held behind his back. His eyes looked into the distance, and they conveyed an intimidating sense of incredible strength.

Han Sen observed the statue and noticed how startlingly clear it was. The king had black eyes and black hair. He wasn’t clad in the armor of a king, but instead dressed in a white robe that actually looked rather elegant.

The back of the statue recorded what the king had done. Han Sen learned that this king was called King Wen. The description of his deeds said that he fought wars and claimed races, but that part of his life was summed up in a single sentence. Most of his description explained how he built the system of law and government for the Extreme King.

King Bai was actually following the laws established by King Wen, like the rules to raise the royal children. Through the eras, things had been modified a bit, but the rules remained mostly the same.

King Wen was the second king of the Extreme King. His statue was near the Extreme King alpha.

The final statue that hadn’t been claimed was far in the back. It was the king before King Bai.

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