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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet (Web Novel) - Chapter 2375 - No need for the trouble

Chapter 2375: No need for the trouble

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The phone was slapped onto the table with a “bang,” the screen shattering into a web.

Because she held the identity of both Worriless Nie and Yi Yunmo, there were two SIM cards installed on her phone.

And Yin Heng’s two messages… were sent to Yi Yunmo’s number.

Medusa also discovered this, and her expression turned serious. “Yin Heng is suspicious of your identity!”

He intentionally sent these two text messages to Yi Yunmo. If Yi Yunmo was Yi Lingjun’s daughter, the texts he sent would be fine.

The first text was an invitation for her to visit the Yin Estate while the second text was Tangtang’s photo. He could say he sent it as a mistake but he could also be informing Yi Yunmo about the existence of Si Yehan’s illegitimate child. He could explain it any way he wanted.

However, if Yi Yunmo was Ye Wanwan, Ye Wanwan would naturally understand the meaning of this second text and his objective would be achieved.

Medusa cursed quietly. “I didn’t expect Yin Heng to use such a crafty move and to even threaten you with a child! Little Junior Sister, you mustn’t take the bait! Otherwise, as soon as you seek him out, it’d be the same as telling him you’re Worriless Nie and you would fall into his trick!”

Ye Wanwan remained silent the entire time. She naturally knew that.

Medusa continued, “Little Junior Sister, I’ll go to the Arbitration Council building to find Master right now! Wait for news from me before doing anything!”

Ye Wanwan calmly stood up and glanced at Medusa. “Senior Sister, no need for the trouble.”

“Eh… Then… then what are you preparing to do?”

“What will I do?” The storm and iciness in Ye Wanwan’s eyes enveloped her surroundings. “Doesn’t he want to expose my true identity? I’ll do as he wishes.”

Ye Wanwan walked out.

Half a minute later, the sound of a sports car’s ignition was heard, quickly followed by the sight of Ye Wanwan darting through the mansion gates in her sports car and speeding toward the Arbitration Council building.

Medusa couldn’t catch up to Ye Wanwan and could only spin in circles in her panic as she watched her little junior sister speeding away. She hastily ran to the garage to grab her own car. “Sh*t! I better hurry and chase after her!”

At the same time, in the Yin Estate:

A banquet was currently being held in the Yin Estate. Today, Yin Estate had specifically invited Qin Zong, Qin Xiyuan, and many higher-ups and managers from the Arbitration Council.

Now that he’d basically taken over the Yin family, Yin Heng thought he should naturally hold a banquet and invite these higher-ups as the future head of the family.

“Everyone, please make yourselves at home. The President will arrive shortly,” Yin Heng politely greeted the higher-ups with a toast, acting as a family head would.

“Mr. Yin is truly young and promising!”

“That’s right, that’s right, no wonder you made Miss Qin fall for you!”

Amongst the higher-ups present, many of them supported and thought highly of Yin Heng.

To them, Si Yehan’s abilities and status might be much higher than Yin Heng, but he was truly too difficult to predict and he acted too tactlessly.

For the second miss of the Nie family, he not only played guarantor for her using his position of director but he also wanted to marry her. Even if he obtained the President’s favor right now and was well-regarded, he would still probably fall behind Yin Heng in the future.

After all, Yin Heng not only had the support of the Yin family behind him but also had immense assistance in the form of Miss Qin.

What a pity. If Si Yehan was smarter and chose Miss Yi, this situation could’ve been greatly different…

Yin Heng already informed Qin Xiyuan of his plan, so Qin Xiyuan was rather impatient right now and kept shooting glances toward the entrance.

If Worriless Nie, that little b*tch, was really this suicidal, that would be splendid!

“You’re too polite, everyone. It’s all thanks to the care of every senior here!” Yin Heng downed the wine in his glass before imperceptibly glancing at the time on his phone.

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