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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet (Web Novel)


“This guy, how heavy is his taste, he’s still able to eat?” Waking up, she looked at her reflection in the mirror, explosive hair, tattoos, and a demon-like face. Look at her for more than a second and you’ll have spicy eyes (your eyes will bleed-aka she looks really ugly).

Before her rebirth, she was in love with someone else, bent on escaping, and after having relations with him, hates him deep to his bones.

After her rebirth, she looked at the beauty on the bed, seriously thinking, the one who left his shadow in the past, seemingly should be him?

In her past life, her mind was muddled. She tried to get rid of the outstandingly beautiful husband that she didn’t want, was victimized by slag men and cheap women, and her most trusted friend brainwashed her. In the end, she found people rebelling and friends deserting (isolated and alone).

In this lifetime, all of the evil people scheming and longing for her divorce should yield. Sorry but this young miss’s IQ is on the line!

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 2421 - Tangtang will protect Grandma2020-07-15
Chapter 2420 - Unforgettable evidence-gathering experience2020-07-15
Chapter 2419 - Did you think I was a feeble-minded child?2020-07-15
Chapter 2418 - No one is allowed to take my grandma away!2020-07-14
Chapter 2417 - Never thought about struggling2020-07-14
Chapter 2416 - Take good care of Tangtang2020-07-14
Chapter 2415 - Anonymous Report2020-07-13
Chapter 2414 - Bask in the sun together2020-07-13
Chapter 2413 - No one would hate my mommy2020-07-13
Chapter 2412 - I'm Grandma's favorite2020-07-12
Chapter 2411 - This might be a bit difficult2020-07-12
Chapter 2410 - Then I'll give her a ride2020-07-12
Chapter 2409 - Regret his past deeds2020-07-11
Chapter 2408 - There wasn't harm before the comparison2020-07-11
Chapter 2407 - Trouble you to take care of him2020-07-11
Chapter 2406 - Truly like Tangtang2020-07-10
Chapter 2405 - So delicious!2020-07-10
Chapter 2404 - I trust Tangtang2020-07-10
Chapter 2403 - There's a type of cold called “Grandma thinks I'm cold”2020-07-09
Chapter 2402 - Just a little hot2020-07-09
Chapter 2401 - Who is that gutsy?2020-07-09
Chapter 2400 - Cook Herself2020-07-08
Chapter 2399 - This is the time for growth2020-07-08
Chapter 2398 - Melting ice2020-07-08
Chapter 2397 - Shouldn't anger a girl2020-07-07
Chapter 2396 - Adding fuel to the flames2020-07-07
Chapter 2395 - Do you really have a heart?2020-07-07
Chapter 2394 - Bring it over, I will try it on2020-07-06
Chapter 2393 - This one is pretty2020-07-06
Chapter 2392 - Don't be afraid, Grandma2020-07-06
Chapter 2391 - Tell a story2020-07-05
Chapter 2390 - Tangtang is angry2020-07-05
Chapter 2389 - Eat dinner together2020-07-05
Chapter 2388 - Place him next door2020-07-04
Chapter 2387 - Aren't you scared of me?2020-07-04
Chapter 2386 - Hurry and eat this, Older Sister2020-07-04
Chapter 2385 - Are you a celestial maiden, Older Sister?2020-07-04
Chapter 2384 - Merely a piece of trash2020-07-03
Chapter 2383 - Where's that child?2020-07-03
Chapter 2382 - WTF2020-07-02
Chapter 2381 - Have you mistaken something?2020-07-02
Chapter 2380 - Don't dirty your foot2020-07-02
Chapter 2379 - Acted out a whole play2020-07-01
Chapter 2378 - Her whole family includes me2020-07-01
Chapter 2377 - I'm your Great Aunt Worriless Nie2020-07-01
Chapter 2376 - Hand over the person2020-06-30
Chapter 2375 - No need for the trouble2020-06-30
Chapter 2374 - A dragon's wrath2020-06-30
Chapter 2373 - He’s too easy to deceive, right?!2020-06-29
Chapter 2372 - How did you guess?2020-06-29
Chapter 2371 - Indeed had a child together2020-06-29
Chapter 2370 - Dad, this daughter was wrong!2020-06-28
Chapter 2369 - Have to hug the thigh to the max2020-06-28
Chapter 2368 - Did you think I was vegetarian?2020-06-28
Chapter 2367 - Especially thick thight2020-06-27
Chapter 2366 - Come here to keep you company every day2020-06-27
Chapter 2365 - Whoever has a partner is a dog2020-06-27
Chapter 2364 - A dry faggot on a blazing fire2020-06-26
Chapter 2363 - : Rejected eight times2020-06-26
Chapter 2362 - He wants to kill me2020-06-26
Chapter 2361 - Is there something wrong with your head?2020-06-25
Chapter 2360 - You are very correct2020-06-25
Chapter 2359 - Give me a look of your treasure2020-06-25
Chapter 2358 - Do you deserve it?2020-06-24
Chapter 2357 - Second term2020-06-24
Chapter 2356 - Everything was swell2020-06-24
Chapter 2355 - I can be her guarantor for her whole life2020-06-23
Chapter 2354 - He's your real son-in-law2020-06-23
Chapter 2353 - Tangtang takes after Mommy!2020-06-23
Chapter 2352 - She probably has issues with her EQ2020-06-22
Chapter 2351 - Hidden past2020-06-22
Chapter 2350 - Too shameless2020-06-22
Chapter 2349 - Ninth Brother isn't managing you?2020-06-21
Chapter 2348 - This risk was worth taking2020-06-21
Chapter 2347 - It's about to start raining2020-06-21
Chapter 2346 - The next step2020-06-20
Chapter 2345 - Play a good game with you2020-06-20
Chapter 2344 - Miscalculated one thing2020-06-20
Chapter 2343 - What a good hand of hatred drawing2020-06-19
Chapter 2342 - What act was he pulling?2020-06-19
Chapter 2341 - You vicious woman2020-06-19
Chapter 2340 - The two of them have an illegitimate son together2020-06-18
Chapter 2339 - You honored us with your presence2020-06-18
Chapter 2338 - Going according to her plan2020-06-18
Chapter 2337 - Probing2020-06-17
Chapter 2336 - Isn't that too coincidental?2020-06-17
Chapter 2335 - That was gifting a kill2020-06-17
Chapter 2334 - Did something major2020-06-16
Chapter 2333 - Directly going public2020-06-16
Chapter 2332 - Choke them to death2020-06-16
Chapter 2331 - Who doesn’t know how to compete with their dads?2020-06-15
Chapter 2330 - This familiar flavor of PDA2020-06-15
Chapter 2329 - You want to bribe me with just this2020-06-15
Chapter 2328 - Launch rampage mode2020-06-14
Chapter 2327 - Barrel in and poach people2020-05-28
Chapter 2326 - Ruining my plan for no reason2020-05-28
Chapter 2325 - Screwed over terribly2020-05-28
Chapter 2324 - Can't protect his purity2020-05-27
Chapter 2323 - Goods in the thousands2020-05-27
Chapter 2322 - Protect your purity2020-05-27