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King of Kung Fu in School (Web Novel) - Chapter 23 Be Careful. He's Very Good at Martial Arts

Chapter 23 Be Careful. He's Very Good at Martial Arts

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At this time. Larry snorted, "It's you again. What are you doing here?" Larry was very unhappy. He just came from Edward's company. So was Kevin.

Kevin looked at Larry and laughed, "What a coincidence. Dude, did you also come here for an interview?"

"Shit. Who told you to come over?" Larry roared.

Kevin said. "Edward's driver asked me to com over So did you? You came over so quickly."

Larry pointed at Kevin and shouted, "Get out. Lily's bodyguard has already confirmed and it's me."

Kevin said. "The interview is over?"

At this time. Charles hurriedly said. "No, the interview is not over. What's your name? I am Charles Green, the general manager."

Kevin hurriedly looked at Charles and enthusiastically said. "Mr. Green, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were the general manager just now. If I offended you before, please forgive me. My name is Kevin. I really need this job. Please interview me again. If you don't hire me. I won't have any money for dinner."

Charles smiled and said, "Kevin. I officially announce that you have been accepted."

"Ah. so quickly." Kevin looked at Charles in disbelief.

Charles looked at Larry and said, "Larry, I'm sorry, my daughter already has a bodyguard. Please go back."

Larry laughed loudly. His expression was ferocious.

"Charles, it seems like you choose a harder way." Larry clenched his fists and looked fiercely at Charles.

Charles took a step back and looked at Larry vigilantly. He said angrily. "Larry. this is my office. Don't be ridiculous. Do you really think that you can do anything just because you are from an irregular force?"

"Charles, if you think that way, then you really underestimate my ability. Charles. you deserve it. "Larry started to punch Charles.

Suddenly, one hand grabbed onto Larry's fist. It was Kevin.

Larry glared at Kevin angrily and gritted his teeth, "I'll count to three. If you don't go away, don't blame me for kicking your ass."



"Pa." A loud slap landed on Larry's face. Larry was slapped on the ground. One side of his face instantly swelled up and blood oozed out from the corner of his mouth.


Kevin snorted. "Larry. right? Mr. Green has already accepted me. If you want to bully my boss, at least you have to obtain my consent."

"I'll beat you to death." Larry jumped up. His body was still in midair as he charged towards Kevin. Within three meters of his body was the murderous aura emitted by Larry.

"Dragon Palms." Larry charged with the martial art contained dozens of different palm techniques.

Charles reminded Kevin, "Kevin, be careful. His martial arts are very powerful."

"Bang!" Before Charles could finish his words, Larry bumped into the wall.

"Ah." Charles opened his eyes wide in disbelief. It seemed that it was completely unnecessary for him to remind Kevin. Kevin was much more powerful than Charles.

"Bang!" In the next second. Kevin grabbed Larry's head and slammed it onto the ground like a ball. The tiles on the ground instantly split apart like spider webs, and Larry's head was bleeding.

"What?" Charles was truly shocked. Larry was tortured to the point that he didn't even have a chance to retaliate. No, he probably didn't even have a chance to say a word. This mysterious Kevin completely defeated Larry.

"Bang, bang, bang, bang." Kevin grabbed one o Larry's feet and beat him three times in a row.

Charles looked at Kevin excitedly and said to himself. "God. How lucky I am today. I actually hired such a powerful bodyguard."

Only then did Kevin stop and throw Larry into the corner of the office.

Larry's head was covered in blood.

"You, you, you." Larry's eyes were swollen as he pointed at Kevin angrily.

"Get out. If you dare to provoke my boss again in the future. I'll fight with you for him."

Larry struggled to get up and gritted his teeth. "We'll see."

Kevin wanted to chase after him and beat him up again. Charles hurriedly shouted. "Mr. Kent, stop chasing him. This person is not normal. You have already taught him a lesson. If he dares to attack me again in the future, he will have to consider the cons and pros."

Kevin nodded.

Charles was very excited and hurriedly said. "Mr. Kent, please take a seat."

"You're welcome, Mr. Green."

Charles smiled and said, "Mr. Kent, I really didn't expect your martial arts to be so strong. Larry is very strong. He is a very famous young master."

"Really? He is such a rookie."

"Yes. With your martial arts, you can go to a better place. Why did you choose to be my daughter's bodyguard?" Charles asked doubtfully.

"Bodyguard is already the most suitable job for me. By the way, boss, don't blame me for loving money so much. The salary Edward offered was 50,000 yuan a month with free food and house. I am wondering the salary you will offer. Of course, if you can't give me 50.000 yuan every month, we still can talk about it again." Charles smiled. Looking at Kevin's solemn appearance, he thought that Kevin would say something serious. It turned out that it was the salary.

"Don't worry, Mr. Kent. I'll give you 100,000 yuan a month with free food and house."

"100,000 yuan. Wow." Kevin was overjoyed.

"Boss, don't worry. I will definitely try my best." Charles said, "Mr. Kent, there's no hurry. By the way, where are you from? At least let me know more about you."

"I'm from a very far place. Of course, you don't have to worry about me being a bad person." Kevin promised.

Charles smiled and said, "With your martial arts, there is no need for you to do something bad here. Alright, I trust you. Where do you live now? What kind o work did you do before?"

"I live in Lakeside Neighborhood. I'm a student studying in the St. Paul's School."

"Ah, what a coincidence. My daughter is also in that School."

"I know." Kevin smiled.

Charles said. "The St. Paul's School is a very messy place. I wanted to find a bodyguard for my daughter a long time ago, but my daughter is very opposed to it. She doesn't like to be watched. I had found several bodyguards for her, but in the end, she drove them away. Last Friday, a pervert at school purposely peed in the ladies' room while she was in there. My daughter's innocence was damaged. So she can't object this time. I have to find a bodyguard for her."

"Eh." Kevin chuckled, feeling a little guilty. Was it really the same person?

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