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King of Kung Fu in School (Web Novel) - Chapter 22 Be Unfriendly

Chapter 22 Be Unfriendly

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"Then bring me to see him."

"I'm sorry, sir. You don't have an appointment."

"Then hurry up and make an appointment for me.

The receptionist smiled and said. "Sir, we can't make an appointment for you right away. It depends on whether our boss wants to see you or not. It needs time to get an answer. Besides, our boss's schedule is already full in three days. Even if you make an appointment, you can't see him until three days later."

"Three days later? That can't work. Which floor is your general manager's office on? Can you tell me this?"

The receptionist said. "On the nineteenth floor. The staff elevator cannot reach the nineteenth floor. Only special elevator can reach there."

Kevin did not say anything. He walked out of the building and arrived at a deserted place at one side of the building.

Kevin jumped onto the glass wall of the building. The outer wall of the building was dark blue glass. Kevin placed his hands on the glass and quickly climbed up like a Spiderman.

At this moment, in a luxurious office on the nineteenth floor, a middle—aged man said to a subordinate with an annoyed expression. "Who are they? Can't you find some more powerful experts? Look, this Larry Blake. I guess he just came formEdward's company."

The subordinate said. "Yes. sir. Edward's father is very powerful. He found an amazing bodyguard. However, we don't have such a good social relationship. Larry is already the strongest of the three youths who came for the interview."

Charles said gloomily, "Larry is from the three irregular forces in London. I don't want such a person to be my daughter's bodyguard. I can't invite wolves into my house."

The subordinate said. "However. none of the three irregular forces can be provoked. If you don't hire Larry, I'm afraid you will offend his father. After all, Edward is strong and has more social connections. He can be unafraid, but we can't offend Larry's father. Now, Larry and the other two interviewees are waiting outside."

Charles slapped the table and said. "How annoying."

At this moment. Kevin was crawling all over the glass wall, but he couldn't find an entrance.

"Don't tell me there are not doors and windows? If I can't find a window, I can only smash one glass." Kevin said gloomily.

In the general manager's reception room on the nineteenth floor, three teenagers were sitting there.

The boy in black was Larry who had just arrived from Edward's company.

Larry had just been kicked out by Edward, so he was angry. He placed his hopes on The Greens. If he could become Lily's personal bodyguard, that would be good. Lily was also one of the most beautiful girls in the St. Paul's School.

Larry looked at the other two person and said. "Hey, you two, come here."

"What are you doing?" The two youths looked at Larry.

Larry walked up and said proudly. "You guys are incomparable with me. I'll give you two choices now. First, go away. Second, get beaten up by me and then go away."

"Why? Who are you?" One of the youths said.

Larry said coldly. "Just because I am from the Dragon Gang."

"So what? We came all the way from other places. How could we be afraid of you, a local villain?"

Larry rushed forward and instantly knocked the two youths to the ground. Larry snorted. "So weak How come you dare to compete with me? Go away!"

In Charles's office, a secretary hurriedly ran in and reported. "Mr. Green, we are in trouble. In the reception room outside, that boy in black beat up the other two people who came for the interview. The other two people had already gone away. Only the one in black was in there."


"That's enough." Charles was furious.

At this moment. Larry pushed the office door and walked in.

"Larry, who let you in?" Charles asked angrily.

Larry smiled and said. "Mr. Green, what do you mean by delaying the interview for so long? So. I can only enter the office by myself. Let's save some time. I want to be your daughter's personal bodyguard. I want to protect her. I don't need the salary. It's completely free. What do you think, Mr. Green?"

Charles said angrily. "Larry. don't go too far. Don't think that you are a member of the Dragon Gang and can do whatever you want.

Larry laughed and said. "Mr. Green. what are you talking about? I just want to protect your daughter. However, you're right. Our Dragon Gang is very powerful."

"You." Charles was extremely angry. Unfortunately, Charles only knew a little martial arts. How could he be Larry's opponent?

Larry said, "Mr. Green. don't hesitate. Let me be your daughter's bodyguard. Don't worry. I will definitely protect your daughter."

"Don't even think about it. I would rather not have a bodyguard than let someone like you be my daughter's bodyguard."

Larry sneered. "Mr. Green, you think you are as strong as Edward? In Edward's place. I might be a little afraid, but in yours. I have nothing to fear. Mr. Green, I don't think we need to be unfriendly to each other. It's not good for anyone. In the future, when I become your daughter's bodyguard. we will have to meet frequently."

"Get out of here." Charles roared.

Larry's expression turned cold. He said gloomily. "Charles. I will be your daughter's bodyguard for free. Don't be silly. If you annoy me. I will make it hard for you to stay in London."

Charles was so angry that he felt stuffy.

"Knock, knock." At this moment, a knock came from outside the glass wall.

Charles looked outside and was stunned for a moment. He saw a person sticking to the glass without any auxiliary equipment.

When Larry saw the people outside, he immediately frowned. It was the stupid person he had just seen at Edward's company.

Kevin crawled outside for a long time and finally saw someone in this room. Kevin was overjoyed.

"Knock, knock." Kevin hurriedly knocked on the glass and signaled to the people inside to open the window.

Charles hesitated for a moment before opening the window. Unfortunately, the windows of such a tall building were very small, and it was very difficult to climb in.

However. Kevin squeezed in.

Kevin hurriedly said gratefully. "Thank you. By the way. I'm looking for the General Manager. Charles Green. Could you tell me how to get his office?"

Charles asked doubtfully. "Who are you? Why did you come in from outside?"

"I'm here for an interview. I heard that Mr. Green also wants to hire a school bodyguard, so I came over. But the lady on the first floor didn't let me come up, so I had no choice but to climb up."

Charles looked at Kevin in shock and asked. "Did you climb up like this?"

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