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King of Kung Fu in School (Web Novel) - Chapter 21 Appointment Was Required

Chapter 21 Appointment Was Required

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"Go to work?" Edward frowned.

"Just start working. I think it's best to start working immediately. I'm not afraid of you laughing. I didn't know how to pay my dinner. I'm just waiting to start working to earn some money."

"Em."Edward smiled politely, but he was thinking that Kevin was really unwise. Just like Sally said, he was a hooligan. If it weren't for the driver's sake. Kevin wouldn't have had an interview today.

Kevin thought that he definitely can be Edward's daughter's bodyguard and said. "Boss. I was told that the salary is 50.000 yuan a month and I don't need to pay for my own food and house. Is that true?"


"Boss. I promise that the fifty thousand yuan will not be a waste. Oh, right. I heard that it's very difficult to maintain your daughter. Don't worry, leave her to me. I promise to help you make her obedient. I, Kevin, am good at this." Kevin rubbed his hands excitedly. Edward didn't want to waste time with Kevin. He smiled and said, "Kevin. I'm sorry. I didn't say I wanted to hire you."

"Ah." Kevin was stunned. He thought that he could start working.

"Sorry. you can leave now. Thank you for coming."

Kevin was puzzled. "Why? There's no reason."

Edward was a little fretful and said. "Kevin. if you want an excuse. I can give it to you. First of all. I have a bad first impression of you. My daughter called at noon and said that you took advantage of her. Tell me, what qualifications do you have to be my daughter's bodyguard?"

"Ah, taking advantage? Your daughter wanted to call me Uncle herself. I didn't let her call me that. I even praised her for being a polite child. How could she do this?" Kevin was very aggrieved. At that time. Kevin didn't know who it was. This was the first time he had received a phone call in this world. He was very excited, okay?

"Anyway, thank you for coming. I can only apologize for you not being accepted." It was very clear that Edward was asking Kevin to go away. Anyone could immediately know that.

"Mr. Kent, please think about it again. I really need this job. I'm worried about food every day, so please give me this job. Besides, with my martial arts protecting a woman is a piece of cake. It is hard for me to decide to enter the bodyguard industry " Kevin said.

Edward did not reply to Kevin and shouted. "Uncle Lewis, send Mr. Duke out."

One old man walked in and said to Kevin, "Kevin, please come back. Mr. Kent still have work to do." Kevin smiled and walked out of the office regretfully.

Kevin didn't feel angry. He just felt very regretful. He really valued this job. When the driver told him before, he repeatedly lowered his expected salary. In the end, he said 500 yuan a month was fine. All he needed was food and a shelter. Who would have thought that such a beautiful job would escaped from him?

"How am I supposed to pay my dinner?" Kevin said inside.

In the morning. Kevin thought that he found a good job. so he spent the hundreds of yuan he had.

Kevin shuffled to the first floor of the building.

At this time, the driver, hurriedly walked out and deliberately asked. "Kevin, how was the interview?"

"I failed. Did you know that I would fail?"

"Ah." The driver didn't know what to say.

Kevin said. "Since you already knew that I would fail, why did you let me come for an interview?"

The driver sighed and comforted Kevin, "Kevin, don't be like this. Isn't it just a job? How about this? I helped you find another job as a bodyguard. I heard that the The Greens in London is also looking for a bodyguard for their young daughter. Why don't you try it?"

Kevin's eyes were immediately lit up and he hurriedly asked, "How is the salary?"

"There's no need to worry about that. The Greens also has a lot of money. I heard that a male gangster wanted to take advantage of Miss Green when she was in the bathroom in school two days ago. Therefore, The Greens also wants to find a bodyguard to prevent that from happening again."

Kevin was stunned. "Taking advantage of her in the bathroom?"

"That's right. A pervert in the St. Paul's School. Perhaps because he couldn't be Miss Green's boyfriend, so he deliberately peed in the bathroom when Miss Green was in there. He father is very angry about this, so he also wants to find a personal bodyguard for Miss Green. Kevin, why don't you take a shoot?"

Kevin did not react for a long time and said to himself, "The person who peed in the ladies' room couldn't be me, right?"

"Kevin, did you hear me?"

"Ah, yeah."

"Then wish you luck. I heard the interview is also in this afternoon. You have to hurry up."

"Oh, good. Thank you."

Kevin was wondering if the person who peed in the ladies' room was himself.

The Greens was also looking for personal bodyguards. Kevin was originally very excited when he heard this news, but when he heard the pee thing, Kevin hesitated.

"Oh, forget it. I'll take a shoot." Kevin gritted his teeth.

Kevin immediately asked, "Where is the interview held? I can't find it."

The driver said, "It must be in the Green Building. You can take a cab."

"But I don't have any money."

"Ah, don't you even have dozens of dollars?" The driver didn't expect that Kevin was so poor.


"Oh, forget it. Then I'll lend you some money." The driver took a hundred yuan and gave it to Kevin.

Kevin said gratefully. "Thank you for your generosity."

"Alright, hurry up and take a taxi to the Green Building."


Kevin stopped a taxi and said, "Go to Green Building."

Half an hour later, the taxi arrived at the gate of Green Building.

After paying, Kevin walked into the Green Building.

A receptionist hurriedly asked, "Hello, sir. May I help you?"

Kevin said. "I'm looking for your boss. His name is Charles Green. Where is he?"

"You have to make an appointment in advance. Did you make an appointment in advance?"

"Appointment? I don't know."

"Then let me ask for you."

The receptionist called and said to Kevin, "I'm sorry, sir, you didn't make an appointment."

"Then what should I do? I want to see him. I heard that he wants to find a bodyguard for his daughter. Is that true?"

"Sir, this is his family matter. I don't know."

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