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King of Kung Fu in School (Web Novel)


Kevin Duke, an 18-year-old martial artist, by accident, is reborn an becomes a high school student who was kicked out of the family. Since then, this king of Kung Fu in school has been sweeping all kings of enemies. The whole world is shaking behind him. P.S. This book has been prepared for many years. it's a total wonderful story. The author has related writing experience for more that 8 years. Recommend heartly!

86 • 2020-05-29 23:07:45


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 475 You Stay Here2020-08-08
Chapter 474 Combat of Different Levels2020-08-07
Chapter 473 Do You Dare to Touch Her?2020-08-06
Chapter 472 As Long As One Dares to Take Action2020-08-05
Chapter 471 I Love Robin Hood2020-08-04
Chapter 470 It Is Definitely Not Allowed.2020-08-03
Chapter 469 Brown Token2020-08-02
Chapter 468 He Is a Legend.2020-08-01
Chapter 467 Freshman Competition 182020-07-31
Chapter 466 Freshman Competition 172020-07-30
Chapter 465 Freshman Competition 162020-07-29
Chapter 464 Freshman Competition 152020-07-28
Chapter 463 Freshman Competition 142020-07-27
Chapter 462 Freshman Competition 132020-07-27
Chapter 461 Freshman Competition 122020-07-27
Chapter 460 Freshman Competition 112020-07-27
Chapter 459 Freshman Competition 102020-07-27
Chapter 458 Freshman Competition 092020-07-27
Chapter 457 Freshman Competition 082020-07-27
Chapter 456 Freshman Competition 072020-07-27
Chapter 455 Freshman Competition 062020-07-27
Chapter 454 Freshman Competition 052020-07-27
Chapter 453 Freshman Competition 042020-07-27
Chapter 452 Freshman Competition 032020-07-27
Chapter 451 Freshman Competition 022020-07-27
Chapter 450 Freshman Competition 012020-07-26
Chapter 449 Before the Competition 032020-07-26
Chapter 448 Before the Competition 022020-07-26
Chapter 447 Before the Competition 012020-07-26
Chapter 446 Freshmen Competition2020-07-26
Chapter 445 Kevin Duke suffered a loss2020-07-26
Chapter 444 Not real love2020-07-26
Chapter 443 Something hidden behind the scenes2020-07-26
Chapter 442 Can not be friends2020-07-26
Chapter 441 Revenge2020-07-26
Chapter 440 On Purpose2020-07-26
Chapter 439 Respect2020-07-26
Chapter 438 It's my friend2020-07-26
Chapter 437 Vernon returned2020-07-26
Chapter 436 The Arrogant Couple2020-07-26
Chapter 435 Hospitality2020-07-25
Chapter 434 The Teacher in The Department of Stick Fighting2020-07-25
Chapter 433 Take justice2020-07-25
Chapter 432 Ask for Help2020-07-25
Chapter 431 It's A Great Honor2020-07-25
Chapter 430 Come and Play Too2020-07-25
Chapter 429 The She More She Thought About It,2020-07-25
Chapter 428 Meet an Old Acquaintance by Chance2020-07-25
Chapter 427 Being Love By Too Many Girls2020-07-25
Chapter 426 Completely Confused2020-07-25
Chapter 425 Dragon Subduing Swordsmanship2020-07-25
Chapter 424 Robin Hood's Showing up2020-07-25
Chapter 423 Robin Hood's Forced Return2020-07-25
Chapter 422 That Brat2020-07-25
Chapter 421 Vanessa's Busy Schedule2020-07-25
Chapter 420 Elsa Ray's Irritation2020-07-24
Chapter 419 Go Away in Dejection2020-07-24
Chapter 418 Show Superiority2020-07-24
Chapter 417 Someone was Arrogant2020-07-24
Chapter 416 Suspect You of Cheating2020-07-24
Chapter 415 After Improvement2020-07-24
Chapter 414 The Third Internal Force2020-07-24
Chapter 413 I Don't Know What I'm Doing2020-07-24
Chapter 412 Wait and See2020-07-24
Chapter 411 I Think You Have a Crush on Me2020-07-24
Chapter 410 Unhealthy Genes2020-07-24
Chapter 409 Challenge the Corpse No. 102020-07-24
Chapter 408 The Metamorphosis of a Man2020-07-24
Chapter 407 Healing Techniques Are Actually Medical Skills2020-07-24
Chapter 406 You Don't Need to Learn Anymore2020-07-24
Chapter 405 Test talent2020-07-24
Chapter 404 Not even a Fart2020-07-24
Chapter 403 Medicinal Skill Competition2020-07-24
Chapter 402 Drive away Flies2020-07-24
Chapter 401 I am Your Target2020-07-24
Chapter 400 It's Like Playing Football2020-07-24
Chapter 399 Late Internal Stage2020-07-24
Chapter 398 Someone is Pretentious2020-07-24
Chapter 397 Low—level medical skills2020-07-24
Chapter 396 Academy Beauties of this Year2020-07-24
Chapter 395 Change Department2020-07-24
Chapter 394 Inconspicuous Department2020-07-24
Chapter 393 Fill in the Form2020-07-24
Chapter 392 Teach Trash A Lesson2020-07-23
Chapter 391 Former Trash2020-07-23
Chapter 390 Narrow Path of Enmity2020-07-23
Chapter 389 People from the Duke Clan2020-07-23
Chapter 388 Too Soft—hearted2020-07-23
Chapter 387 Baldy2020-07-23
Chapter 386 You're Not Worthy to be a Human2020-07-23
Chapter 385 Revenge2020-07-23
Chapter 384 A Tyrannical Roommate2020-07-23
Chapter 383 Getting Through the Conception2020-07-23
Chapter 382 A Pervert2020-07-23
Chapter 381 Killing the God with Saber2020-07-23
Chapter 380 A Shank—feathering2020-07-23
Chapter 379 Elsa's Childhood Friend2020-07-23
Chapter 378 Drinking up2020-07-23
Chapter 377 Ecstasy2020-07-23
Chapter 376 Meeting the Acquaintances2020-07-23