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King of Kung Fu in School (Web Novel)








Action Comedy Martial Arts School Life

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Kevin Duke, an 18-year-old martial artist, by accident, is reborn an becomes a high school student who was kicked out of the family. Since then, this king of Kung Fu in school has been sweeping all kings of enemies. The whole world is shaking behind him. P.S. This book has been prepared for many years. it's a total wonderful story. The author has related writing experience for more that 8 years. Recommend heartly!

71 • 2020-05-29 23:07:45


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 190 Bullying2020-07-15
Chapter 189 Seductive Techniques2020-07-15
Chapter 188 Apprentice2020-07-15
Chapter 187 Ben Is Really Disappointed2020-07-15
Chapter 186 Alex Evans's anger2020-07-14
Chapter 185 A Master with Potential2020-07-14
Chapter 184 Jess2020-07-14
Chapter 183 Andrew Hill's Dream2020-07-14
Chapter 182 Below the External Stage2020-07-14
Chapter 181 Just Ten Pieces2020-07-14
Chapter 180 Beg My Sword for Mercy2020-07-14
Chapter 179 Can't Sleep2020-07-14
Chapter 178 Ty was Very Unhappy2020-07-14
Chapter 177 Martial Arts Training Class2020-07-14
Chapter 176 The Son in aw of Peter Ryan2020-07-14
Chapter 175 Compensate2020-07-14
Chapter 174 Almost Knelt down2020-07-14
Chapter 173 Take Action Personally2020-07-14
Chapter 172 Completely Offended2020-07-14
Chapter 171 Market price2020-07-14
Chapter 170 At a Critical Juncture2020-07-14
Chapter 169 We Have no Relation2020-07-14
Chapter 168 It's A Handsome Little Guy2020-07-14
Chapter 167 Send Him Back2020-07-14
Chapter 166 Quincy's Retaliation2020-07-13
Chapter 165 Cinderella2020-07-13
Chapter 164 Almost Fainted2020-07-13
Chapter 163 Be Humiliated in Public2020-07-13
Chapter 162 A Handsome Posture2020-07-13
Chapter 161 Reasons for the Attack of Cold Illness2020-07-13
Chapter 160 Love Demon2020-07-13
Chapter 159 Dreamtalk2020-07-13
Chapter 158 A Drop In The Ocean2020-07-13
Chapter 157 The Window of London Forum2020-07-13
Chapter 156 Clean Up The portal2020-07-13
Chapter 155 It Is A Horrible Fight2020-07-13
Chapter 154 He Is Really Very Angry2020-07-13
Chapter 153 Want To Marry Your Daughter2020-07-13
Chapter 152 Like The First Love2020-07-13
Chapter 151 I Don't Like Her2020-07-13
Chapter 150 Be Cowardly2020-07-12
Chapter 149 I Don't Know What It Means2020-07-12
Chapter 148 Meet Shirley Again2020-07-12
Chapter 147 Summit of Entrepreneurs2020-07-12
Chapter 146 There's A Big Problem!2020-07-12
Chapter 145 Swollen Like a Ball2020-07-12
Chapter 144 Beat That Bastard2020-07-12
Chapter 143 Play to the End with Him2020-07-12
Chapter 142 Worried about You2020-07-12
Chapter 141 Count on Me2020-07-12
Chapter 140 Robin Hood VS Elsa2020-07-12
Chapter 139 Lose Easily2020-07-12
Chapter 138 What a High Tone2020-07-12
Chapter 137 Apprehend You to Justice2020-07-12
Chapter 136 A Life and Death Battle2020-07-12
Chapter 135 The Duel2020-07-11
Chapter 134 The Pond Park2020-07-11
Chapter 133 Tonight, Twelve O'clock2020-07-11
Chapter 132 Six Great Aces2020-07-11
Chapter 131 Stolen Limelight2020-07-11
Chapter 130 Highly Praised2020-07-11
Chapter 129 Teacher Jock2020-07-11
Chapter 128 Divine Swordsman2020-07-11
Chapter 127 Kill Two Birds with One Stone2020-07-11
Chapter 126 Send Him A Sword2020-07-11
Chapter 125 They Have Wronged August2020-07-11
Chapter 124 People from the Skull Organization2020-07-11
Chapter 123 Get Angry2020-07-11
Chapter 122 She Feels Wronged2020-07-11
Chapter 121 I Have A Sweetheart2020-07-10
Chapter 120 A Low Trick2020-07-10
Chapter 119 Fake Death State2020-07-10
Chapter 118 Major Surgery2020-07-10
Chapter 117 Mighty Posture2020-07-10
Chapter 116 Killing Pig Swordsmanship2020-07-10
Chapter 115 Cry in Fright2020-07-10
Chapter 114 It's a big deal2020-07-10
Chapter 113 Stir up Facebook2020-07-10
Chapter 112 You Have to Give It a Good Praise2020-07-10
Chapter 111 Change His Image2020-07-10
Chapter 110 Identity Exposure2020-07-10
Chapter 109 Got Shot2020-07-10
Chapter 108 Kevin was Furious2020-07-10
Chapter 107 What Do You Think2020-07-10
Chapter 106 Treatment of Expelling Coldness2020-07-10
Chapter 105 Sorry to Disappoint You2020-07-10
Chapter 104 It Was Him2020-07-10
Chapter 103 A Miraculous Doctor2020-07-10
Chapter 102 Enraged2020-07-10
Chapter 101 A Misunderstanding2020-07-10
Chapter 100 To Show Mercy2020-07-10
Chapter 99 Alex's Letter2020-07-10
Chapter 98 Have Him Paraded2020-07-10
Chapter 97 The Seventh School Bully2020-07-10
Chapter 96 A God like Campus Maniac2020-07-10
Chapter 95 A Devil like School Bully2020-07-10
Chapter 94 The 'Protective Spray'2020-07-10
Chapter 93 Ben Wants to Be a School Bully2020-07-10
Chapter 92 Better Than Me2020-07-10
Chapter 91 The murderer2020-07-10