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Fall in Love with Mr. Nian Slowly (Web Novel)


It was supposed to be a perfect deal in which both parties got what they needed. However, after the child was born, he tore up the agreement with discontent and told her, “Who said that we’d only have one child? I want twins! Twin brother and sister! You’ll continue giving birth to more children until you bore me a pair of twins!”

Luosang was beyond endurance. “Nian Junting, damn you…” she raised up against him, “Nian Junting, is this fair to the pure love in your heart?”

Then, a marriage certificate was thrown at her.

He landed on her, slowly curved his lips in a smile, saying, “Aren’t you my pure love?”

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 857: His Innocent Eyes Light Up With Joy2020-07-15
Chapter 856: He’s a Scientist?2020-07-15
Chapter 855: Nian Xi, Do You Know Jiang Yuning?2020-07-14
Chapter 854: Jiang Yuning, 29 Years Old2020-07-14
Chapter 853: It’s a Baby Boy2020-07-13
Chapter 852: You Defamed Me Out There, and Now You’re Saying Good Morning to Me2020-07-13
Chapter 851: What Did Yan Su Tell You Today?2020-07-12
Chapter 850: Afterall, He Was So Annoying2020-07-12
Chapter 849: This Is for What Happened in the Lift Earlier. We’re Even Now2020-07-11
Chapter 848: Yan Su Was Pushed Into Mo Liuxi’s Arms Again2020-07-11
Chapter 847: You Little Vixen. So Cunning Even When You’re Pregnant2020-07-10
Chapter 846: Are You Sure He’s Your Brother, not Nian Junting’s?2020-07-10
Chapter 845: Sorry, I’m Gay2020-07-09
Chapter 844: Please Don’t Mind, He Hardly Ever Listened to Music2020-07-09
Chapter 843: Nian Xi commented, “Wow, the Washing Board Really Suits my Brother.”2020-07-08
Chapter 842: As Your Punishment, You Need to Kneel on a Keyboard by the Bedside2020-07-08
Chapter 841: I’m helping Luosang to Scratch an Itch2020-07-07
Chapter 840: Yi Jingxi Was Sentenced2020-07-07
Chapter 839: Liuxi… I’m sorry2020-07-06
Chapter 838: I’m Too Old for Her2020-07-06
Chapter 837: Oh Well, You Rely on Your Body to Win Over a Lady, You Should Eat More.2020-07-05
Chapter 836: Call Me Uncle2020-07-05
Chapter 835: You Don’t Like Me, Brother-In-Law?2020-07-04
Chapter 834: Yan Su Greeted You Today, But You Ignored Her2020-07-04
Chapter 833: When Yan Su Came to Her Senses Again, She Was Livid2020-07-03
Chapter 832: I Got the Best Birthday Gift2020-07-03
Chapter 831: Come Torture Me2020-07-03
Chapter 830: It’s Your Birthday. You’re the Boss2020-07-03
Chapter 829: You still haven’t grown up after all, you need someone to take care of you2020-07-01
Chapter 828: Mo Liuxi is Good at Sowing Discord between People2020-07-01
Chapter 827: He Only Prepared a Thousand Dollars, He Was So Thick-Skinned to Lie About It2020-06-30
Chapter 826: Her Families Defended Her2020-06-30
Chapter 825: Do You Want Me to Find a Scientist for You Somewhere2020-06-29
Chapter 824: My Dear Tingting, I Wish You Happy Birthday, and Become Uglier and Uglier2020-06-29
Chapter 823: Twelve O’Clock, It’s My Birthday2020-06-28
Chapter 822: Sangsang, I’m Leaving2020-06-28
Chapter 821: It Can’t Be That… Your Mum Had a Baby With My Dad2020-06-27
Chapter 820: Her Bride Price Was a Thousand?2020-06-27
Chapter 819: Don’t Talk to Me, I’m Not As Handsome As Your Brother2020-06-26
Chapter 818: She Looked at Mo Liuxi with A Silly Smile on Her Face2020-06-26
Chapter 817: Be Good, Call Me Brother-in-Law2020-06-25
Chapter 816: My Brother is So Handsome. Why is He So Handsome?2020-06-25
Chapter 815: It Was a Single Fetus. How Could There Be Twins?2020-06-24
Chapter 814: I’m in a Very Low Place at Home2020-06-24
Chapter 813: How Had Her Daughter Attracted Such an Oddity?2020-06-23
Chapter 812: She Was Mo Jin for Sure2020-06-23
Chapter 811: Only Then, Would Luo Continue to Admire Him2020-06-22
Chapter 810: He Would Become a Useless Man to Her, Except for in Bed2020-06-22
Chapter 809: His Weakness Was His Little Tingting2020-06-21
Chapter 808: He Offended His Future Mother-in-Law and Brother-in-Law Before He Married Luosang…2020-06-21
Chapter 807: Nian Xi’s Mind Was a Gutter2020-06-20
Chapter 806: Why is This Boy Everywhere?2020-06-20
Chapter 805: The New Director of Luoxi Films2020-06-19
Chapter 804: He Lay on the Ground and Bawled2020-06-19
Chapter 803: This Was the Lie That You Fed Your Son?2020-06-18
Chapter 802: He Never Loved Me2020-06-18
Chapter 801: Jingxi, Come Save Me!2020-06-17
Chapter 800: His Welfare was Gone Again2020-06-17
Chapter 799: The Guy That Saved You Earlier Moved into the Apartment Next to Yours2020-06-16
Chapter 798: Junting, You Have to Help Me2020-06-16
Chapter 797: The Man She Loved Was Going to be a Dad Soon2020-06-15
Chapter 796: Jiang Qifei was Despairing2020-06-15
Chapter 795: Nian Qingyun Would be so Furious That He Had to be Admitted to The Hospital2020-06-14
Chapter 794: She’ll Like Me2020-06-14
Chapter 793: I Won’t Mistreat Her, I Have Plenty of Money2020-06-14
Chapter 792: Mr. Nian isn’t as Fresh and Juicy as Him2020-06-14
Chapter 791: You’re full of trouble even when you’re pregnant2020-06-14
Chapter 790: Her Business is My Business2020-06-14
Chapter 789: Don’t fight when I’m gone2020-06-14
Chapter 788: How Did You Manage to Make Both Older and Younger Men Fall for You?2020-06-14
Chapter 787: She wondered if he had fallen in love with Luosang at first sight2020-06-14
Chapter 786: Mo Liuxi Carried Luosang2020-06-14
Chapter 785: His Face Was Flawless, Where Did He Come From?2020-06-14
Chapter 784: Su, You Really Know Everything2020-06-14
Chapter 783: You Can Be Dressed Skimpily Laying There And He Will Be Thrilled2020-06-14
Chapter 782: Do Not Get Into a Strange Man’s Car2020-06-14
Chapter 781: You Should Address Us As Your Sister2020-06-14
Chapter 780: He Really Worries About His Sister2020-06-14
Chapter 779: Where Did This Bewitching Man Come From2020-06-14
Chapter 778: Say It Again, That I’m Yours2020-06-14
Chapter 777: He Was Extremely Dissatisfied with the Morrison Clan’s People2020-06-05
Chapter 776: Xiao Si Almost Died from Anger2020-06-05
Chapter 775: Aunty Mo Said… You Once Destroyed Their Family When You Were Young2020-06-04
Chapter 774: Mr. Nian is Pretty Nice to Miss Xu2020-06-04
Chapter 773: Change Your Passcode to My Birthday2020-06-03
Chapter 772: She Wants to Find Her and Give Her All the Best in the World2020-06-03
Chapter 771: When Do You Intend to Claim My Sister2020-06-02
Chapter 769: My Daughter and I Missed Each Other for So Many Years2020-06-01
Chapter 768: Mo Jin2020-06-01
Chapter 767: There Was a Strange Sense of Familiarity About This Woman2020-05-31
Chapter 766: Yi Jingxi Has No Intention of Confessing2020-05-31
Chapter 765: This Presuming Son-in-law-to-be2020-05-30
Chapter 764: Court Session 22020-05-30
Chapter 763: Court Session 12020-05-29
Chapter 762: I’m Tasting You2020-05-29
Chapter 761: It’s Been Three Months2020-05-29
Chapter 760: You Have Remembered My Birthday Long Time Ago2020-05-29
Chapter 759: Were You Eavesdropping On Our Conversation?2020-05-29
Chapter 758: Mr. Nian is So Proud2020-05-29
Chapter 757: Your Daughter’s The Only One Who’s Precious, I’m Just A Strand Of Weed2020-05-29